Simplex 2088-9009


One-Position DPDT Relay, Track mount without cover

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Brand: Simplex Part #: 46803 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: 2088-9009Secondary Part #: MR-201/T


These multi-purpose control relays offer SPDT or DPDT, 10 A (or 7 A) contacts in a variety of mechanical packages. Models are available for coil operation by one of four input voltages allowing a single relay to be energized from a voltage source of 18-35 VDC or VAC, 120 VAC, or 230 VAC (not available with 4098-9843). Voltage selection is made by wiring to the appropriate input terminals or wire leads.

Each relay model (except model 4098-9843) contains a red LED which indicates that the relay is energized.

Mounting options are varied for application flexibility. Track mounted relays may be “snapped apart” from a standard four-module assembly and used independently if desired.


Weight 1.00 lbs




UL listed under Standard 864 as Control Unit Accessory (UOXX)

Track mount package availability:

  • Single relay module or four relay module, with or without cover, with SPDT or DPDT contacts
  • LED indicates relay module status
  • Cover provide status LED viewing ports
  • Multiple coil voltage inputs, diode polarized for DC
  • Modules are track mounted with snap-apart feature design allowing the four relay module to be separated

Single encapsulated SPDT relay package with color coded 18 AWG wire leads, available in two versions:

  • 2088-9021 (PAM-1) Provides diode polarized multiple input voltage ability and LED indication
  • 4098-9843 (PAM-SD) Provides a diode polarized 24 VDC coil with in/out wiring


Fire Alarm Control Relays, Track Mount and Encapsulated; Model 4098-9843 and 2088 Series