Simplex 2099-9144


Explosion-Proof & Weather-Proof Station with Enclosure; DPDT contacts

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Cast metal construction: For applications requiring cast metal construction, these non-coded manual stations provide a variety of models and operations. Single action stations are operated by pulling the handle. Dual action stations require that you push the top “PUSH” lever to grab the “PULL” lever.

Indication and reset: When pulled, the alarm condition is mechanically latched and indicated by the extended handle. You can reset by unlocking and opening the enclosure. A Simplex® “B” key controls the lock.

Break rods: Stations include an optional replacement break rod. Break rod status is visible from the front of the station. The use of a break rod can be a deterrent to vandalism without interfering with the minimum pull requirements needed for activation.

Optional surface mount boxes match the contours of the stations and provide an attractive appearance. Model 2099-9144 includes both station and enclosure. Use of the 2975-9211 weatherproof box provides a NEMA 3R rating. NEMA 3R enclosures are for outdoor use, primarily for protection against rain and sleet, and ice formation on the exterior.

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  • Rugged cast metal construction
  • Terminal connections for In/Out Wiring
  • Visible break rod provides status indicator; optional, not required for operation
  • Standard operation station will mount semi-flush on a single gang box, 2 1/2 in. deep
  • Operation is compliant with ADA requirements
  • Listed to UL Standard 38


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Multi-Application Peripherals: Non-Coded Manual Stations, Cast Metal Construction


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