Simplex 4007-9806


Digital Alarm Communicating Transmitter with Serial Communications (SDACT)

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Serial DACT. Simplex serial digital alarm communicating transmitter (SDACT) modules monitor the status of the host fire alarm control panel and its connections to the Central Station monitoring location. When status changes require information to be reported, the SDACT provides detailed messages that can assist the Central Station in accurately implementing the required response. Typical information reports include alarms, troubles, and supervisory conditions. Model series 4007ES, 4010, 4010ES, 4100ES, and 4100U provide specific point information.

SDACT modules directly communicates with the fire alarm control panel CPU and are custom programmed for the specific requirements of the Central Station and the connected fire alarm control panel.

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Available Reporting Formats

Contact ID (CID). CID is the preferred format for SDACT operation. It provides a four digit account code followed by a three digit event code, a two (hex) digit group number, and a three (hex) digit contact number, all of which are used to encode specific point identification.

3/1 Pulse. A three digit account code followed by a one digit reporting code. Transmissions are sent as a double round at a rate of 20 PPS (pulses per second). Reporting codes are programmable.

4/2 Pulse. Similar to 3/1 except for a four digit account code and a two digit reporting code. Transmission is sent as a double round at 20 PPS. Report codes are programmable.

BFSK. Three digits of account code and two digits of reporting code in a single transmission of constant tones. The format has built-in error checking so that a double round is not required. Reporting codes are fixed.

SIA. Security Industry Association (SIA) Digital Communication Standard. The SDACT provides level 1 compatibility which includes tonal acknowledge, basic reports only, and fixed reporting codes.


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