Simplex 4098-9733


TrueAlarm Heat Sensor

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TrueAlarm heat sensors are self-restoring and provide rate compensated, fixed temperature sensing, selectable with or without rate-of-rise temperature sensing. Due to its small thermal mass, the sensor accurately and quickly measures the local temperature for analysis at the fire alarm control panel.

Rate-of-rise temperature detection is selectable at the control panel for either 15°F (8.3°C) or 20°F (11.1°C) per minute. Fixed temperature sensing is independent of rate-of-rise sensing and programmable to operate at 135°F (57.2°C) or 155°F (68°C). In a slow developing fire, the temperature may not increase rapidly enough to operate the rate-of-rise feature. However, an alarm will be initiated when the temperature reaches its rated fixed temperature setting.

TrueAlarm heat sensors can be programmed as a utility device to monitor for temperature extremes in the range from 32°F to 155°F (0°C to 68°C). This feature can provide freeze warnings or alert to HVAC system problems.

Datasheet: 4098-9733

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Weight 1 lbs