Simplex 4100-1313


Flex-50, 50 W Amplifier, constant supervision compatible, 70.7 VRMS output

Note: Includes three on-board Class B audio NACs; power is supplied from an ES-PS

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Brand: Simplex Part #: 47711 Categories: , , Manufacturer Part #: 4100-1313


The Flex amplifiers provide audio signals to system speaker circuits. The Flex Amplifier is offered in two versions, the Flex-35 and the Flex-50. Functionally, both amplifiers behave identically but the Flex-50 is capable of supplying an additional 15W of power over the 35W version. The maximum available output from the Flex-50 and Flex-35 is 50W and 35W, respectively. The load may be configured in any way so long as the maximum power output limit is not exceeded. Both amplifiers provide dual-channel capability with internal backup functionality.


Weight 10 lbs




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