Simplex 4100-5103

Expansion Power Supply (XPS)

  • Material Obsolete
Brand: Simplex Part #: 47840 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: 4100-5103


The XPS distributes added card power and signal power via the PDI. Signal power is available only in the bay in which the XPS is located. The source of card power is selected by jumpers P4 & P5 on the PDI.

The XPS includes 3 NACs, and may be expanded to 6 NACs with the 4100-5115. NACs are wired as Class B or Class A. All circuits are power limited per UL 864. The NACs support non-addressable TrueAlert and conventional reverse-polarity operation.


Weight 15 lbs
Production Status



Fire Control Panels: Addressable Fire Detection and Control MINIPLEX Transponders
XPS and XNAC: Installation Instructions

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