Simplex 4100-9601


Local Mode Transponder, includes bay equipment with power distribution interface, and 4100-0625 Local Mode Transponder Interface Module mounted in Block A

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Transponder model 4100-9601 substitutes a Local Mode Transponder Module for the Basic Transponder Module.

4100ES MINIPLEX transponders connect to a host 4100ES Fire Alarm Control Panel using Simplex remote unit interface (RUI) communications. At the transponder, RUI communications are received by the transponder interface module and translated into the same internal communications format that is used in the host control panel.

Remotely located modules. With RUI communications, the transponder can remotely provide the same initiating and notification functions that occur at the host control panel without requiring multiple long distance wiring runs. Connections to the host panel are low current communications and audio wiring with distances up to 2500 ft (762 m).

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