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Replacement Paper for 4100-1293 Printer, one roll

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Annunciation Options. 4100ES/4100U fire alarm panels support a variety of switch input and LED status indicators to complement the information and controls available at the operator interface. These modules provide a convenient interface efficiently packaged onto the front panel space of the cabinet bay. Additionally, the panel mounted printer can conveniently record system status without requiring a separately located printer.

Easy Interface. Switches are alternate action ON/OFF (depending on programming selection) using a tactile feel, raised rubber button. High efficiency LEDs provide clear status annunciation readily visible through the glass door.

Selectable Functions. Switch functions, LED status indications, and printer output is selected when the control panel CPU is customized for site specific requirements. Slide-in labels are locally printed to indicate the exact function of the LEDs and switches.

The 24 Point I/O Module is selectable for input switch type and supervision type. Outputs are selectable for steady on or pulsing to drive remotely connected relays, incandescent lamps, or LEDs.


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Panel mounted annunciation modules for use with 4100ES/4100U Fire Alarm Control Panels, Remote Annunciators, and Network Display Units (NDU):

  • Modules mount on front of panel bay providing convenient access and high visibility
  • Panel monitors switches for user input and controls LED indicators to annunciate function status
  • Compact 64 LED/64 switch controller modules mount on back of LED/switch modules

LED/Switch Modules:

  • Raised momentary switches provide tactile feedback
  • Alternate action operation provides on/off functions
  • High intensity LEDs provide clear status annunciation
  • Slide-in labels provide custom on-site labeling (label kit is ordered separately)

8 LED, 8 Switch Modules:

  • One status LED per switch
  • Available as all red LEDs or all yellow LEDs

16 LED, 8 Switch Modules:

  • Two status LEDs per switch
  • Available in two LEDs per switch as: red/yellow, yellow/yellow, red/green, or green/yellow

16 LED, 16 Switch Modules:

  • One status LED per switch in 2″ (51 mm) module
  • Available as all red LEDs, or 8 red and 8 yellow
  • Two configurations are available, one with pluggable LEDs, refer to illustrations on page 2 and product selection details on page 4

24 LED, 24 Switch Modules:

  • Double slot module with one red status LED per switch

HOA (Hand-Off-Auto) Switch Modules:

  • Eight controls in a double slot module, each control has three switches for status selection and one LED per switch position
  • Switch selection is On/Hand, Off, and Auto

Available with three HOA Module LED Options:

  • On/Hand (green LED), Off (red LED) and Auto (green LED)
  • On/Hand (green LED), Off (red LED) and Auto (white LED) to comply with International Building Code (IBC) requirements
  • On/Hand (green LED), Off (yellow LED) and Auto (green LED) for applications requiring no red LEDs
  • Available with or without switch button labels (On, Off, Auto)

LED Modules with 8 or 16 pluggable LEDs:

  • 8 LED Module has red LEDs, 16 LED module has 8 red with 8 yellow
  • Red, yellow, green, or blue LEDs are available in packages of eight (8) to change color on-site per application requirement (ordered separately)

24 Point I/O Module for external connections:

  • Each point is selectable as either a switch input (momentary or maintained) or lamp/relay driver output
  • Multiple switch monitoring modes are available

Panel mounted printer (see page 6 and 7 for details):

  • Records system events and provides 20 visible lines

Listed to:

  • UL Std. 864, Fire Detection and Control (UOJZ), and Smoke Control Service (UUKL)
  • UL Std. 2017, Process Management Equipment (QVAX)
  • UL Std. 1076, Proprietary Alarm Units-Burglar (APOU)
  • UL Std. 1730, Smoke Detector Monitor (UULH)
  • ULC Std. S527-99


4100ES Fire Control Panels: Panel Mounted LED/Switch and LED Modules, LED/Switch Controllers, and Panel Mounted Printer

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