Simplex 49HFV-APPLW


Wall Mount, High Fidelity Speaker-Visible Appliance Only

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  • Separate appliances, covers, back boxes, and wire guards provide complete flexibility for meeting customers installation requirements
  • The TrueAlert device reports provide important appliance information details including point ID, custom label, type, and candela setting
  • Rugged, high impact flame retardant thermoplastic housings
  • The covers can be easily removed without disturbing the connected housing
  • Terminals for wiring sizes 18 AWG to 12 AWG
  • The appliance LED can be selected to display during each polling cycle indicating appliance supervision
  • Magnet test diagnostics to assist checkout and testing of appliances
  • Compatible with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements


Wall Mount Addressable Speaker Visible (S/V) Notification Appliances
Simplex – Data Sheet


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