Simplex 976243

DPDT contact assembly for Model 976200 Phone Jack Station

Condition: New
Brand: Simplex
Status: Active
SKU: 46739
Manufacturer Part #: 976243


Firefighter telephone systems provide two-way communications for facilities where radio communications may not be available or are unreliable. They are typically used during active firefighting conditions, during a fire alarm investigation, or during fire alarm system inspection and test. Operation requires a dedicated two-wire circuit, typically using twisted, shielded pair wiring (TSP) to minimize electrical noise pickup from adjacent wiring. Depending on the master control, up to 6 remote phones and the master can be in simultaneous use.

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  • When remote phones call the master, a call tone is provided to verify that the request is in process (exact performance may vary depending on master phone equipment)
  • Two-wire telephone circuits are supervised and power-limited
  • Compatible with 4100ES and 4100U Series, and legacy 4100/4120 Series Simplex® Firefighter Telephone Controls


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