Space Age Electronics XL8

Graphic Annunciator

Condition: New
Brand: Space Age Electronics
Status: Active
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Manufacturer Part #: XL8


The XL8 Graphic Annunciator consists of a face panel and an extruded aluminum cover frame with a choice of several standard back boxes proportionally sized and constructed of extruded aluminum with flush or surface mount options. A solid stainless steel piano hinge and a high security CAT 30 keyed door lock accompany the door for secure, easy access to the graphics and electronics. Choice of LED or incandescent backlit illumination for zone or point identification specific to the customer supplied graphics and requirements. Zone input either positive or negative in 2, 12, 24 or 2VDC operating voltages. The unit also interfaces with panel driver boards for basic annunciator operation. A variety of hardwired electronic circuits are offered by SAE. Wiring cable(s) lead to a 2-point slide connector at the terminal input board.

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XL8 Graphic Annunciator
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