System Sensor B200S-LF-WH


Intelligent addressable sounder base, low-frequency, White

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The B200S-LF-WH and B200S-LF-IV sounder bases are used with addressable detector heads. Refer to the appropriate manual for more information on sensors. The B200S-LF-WH/B200S-LF-IV low-frequency sounder base generates a low-frequency tone around 520 Hz. Studies have shown that low-frequency audible devices that operate around 520 Hz are more effective in waking individuals in sleeping areas.

The sounder base is capable of producing a variety of tone patterns, including the distinctive three-pulse temporal pattern (ANSI Temporal 3) fire alarm signal now required by NFPA 72 for commercial and residential applications. The B200S-LF-WH/B200S-LF-IV offers maximum flexibility in configuration and operation to meet or exceed the requirements of UL268 and UL464 for Continuous, Temporal 3, and March time patterns. The temporal 4 pattern meets all requirements of UL268 and UL2075, as well as private mode setting of UL 464.


Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 1.60 × 6.85 × 6.85 in




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System Sensor

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  • Bases enable quick and secure detector plug-in
  • SEMS screws provide easy wiring connection
  • Support for 12-24 AWG provides installation flexibility
  • Multiple base formats meet application requirements
  • Standard white color with ivory and black options
  • UL 268 compliant
  • Mechanical locking feature restricts removal of attached sensor head

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System Sensor - Data Sheet

Low Frequency Intelligent Sounder Base; B200S-LF-WH, B200S-LF-IV

System Sensor - Installation and Maintenance Instructions