System Sensor B200S-WH


Intelligent addressable sounder base, White

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Manufacturer Part #: B200S-WH


The B200S-WH is a white, Intelligent addressable sounder base capable of producing sound output in high or low volume with ANSI Temporal 3, ANSI Temporal 4, continuous tone, marching tone, and custom tone. Uses LiteSpeed™ protocol.

The B200S sounder and -LF sounder bases (B200S-WH/B200S-IV/ B200S-LF-WH/B200S-LF-IV) adopt the same address as the detector, but use a unique device type on the loop.

The Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) can use that address to command an individual sounder — or a group of sounders — to activate. The command set from the FACP can be tailored to multiple event-driven tone outputs allowing selection of volume (75 or 85 dBA), tone (ANSI Temporal 3, ANSI Temporal 4, or March Time), and group. In addition, some FACPs will enable custom tone patterns.

The B200S series sounder bases recognize the System Sensor synchronization protocol. This enables them to be used as a component of the general evacuation signal — along with other System Sensor AV appliances — when connected to a power supply or FACP output capable of generating the System Sensor synchronization pulses.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 1.60 × 6.85 × 6.85 in



Base Type





Production Status



  • Bases enable quick and secure detector plug-in
  • SEMS screws provide easy wiring connection
  • Support for 12-24 AWG provides installation flexibility
  • Multiple base formats meet application requirements
  • Standard white color with ivory and black options
  • UL 268 compliant
  • Mechanical locking feature restricts removal of attached sensor head


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