System Sensor M501M


Mini Monitor Module

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System Sensor monitor modules provide an interface to contact devices, such as security contacts, waterflow switches, or pull stations. M501M and M500DM are capable of Class B supervised wiring to the monitored device. M500M is capable of Class A supervision. Conventional 4-wire smoke detectors can be monitored through their alarm and trouble contacts, wired as an initiating loop to the module. In addition to transmitting the supervised state of the monitored device (normal, open, or short), the full analog supervision measurement is sent back to the panel. This allows detection of impedance changes in the supervised loop to the monitored device. The M500DM module is capable of monitoring two separate Class B circuits simultaneously, making it ideal for waterflow tamper switch and flow switch monitoring. The compact size of the M501M module allows it to fit inside devices or junction boxes behind devices.


Weight 0.075 lbs
Dimensions 0.65 × 1.30 × 2.75 in





Production Status


  • SEMS screws for easing wiring
  • Panel controlled status LED (except M501M)
  • Analog communications
  • Rotary address switches (except M500X)
  • Low standby current
  • Mounts in standard 4 ̋ junction box


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