System Sensor OSY-2

Outside Screw & Yoke Valve Supervisory Switch

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Brand: System Sensor Part #: 7052 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: OSY-2


OSY2 supervisory switches are used to monitor the open position of an outside screw and yoke type gate valve. OSY2 supervisory switches feature a user-friendly mounting bracket and adjustable shaft to permit mounting to most outside screw and yoke valves, ranging in size from 1 to 12 inches. Their right angle design and wide bracket span provide maximum clearance for valve components, to accommodate troublesome valves. Removing the OSY2’s gate valve bracket allows the unit to monitor side-bracket style pressure reducing valves.

The OSY2 supervisory switch is equipped with tamper-resistant cover screws to prevent unauthorized entry. Inside, two sets of SPDT (Form C) synchronized switches are enclosed in a durable terminal block to assure reliable performance. Installation is made easier with the OSY2’s single side conduit entrance. By providing a direct conduit pathway to the electrical source, right angle fittings are not required. Installation is further simplified by the OSY2’s adjustable length actuator, which eliminates the need for cutting the shaft. OSY2 supervisory switches consist of a rugged housing, intended for indoor and outdoor use. When installed with the actuator in the vertical position, the OSY2 is NEMA 3R rated per UL.


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PIBV2 and OSY2 Supervisory Switches

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