Titanium IP-PT1100

Network Keyboard

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This is a network controlling keyboard which works together with NVMS-5000 platform. 4 dimensional joystick controller, 4 functional areas and 1 x RJ45 10/100M adaptive ethernet interface.


Weight 6.2 lbs
Dimensions 16.5 × 10.2 × 6.7 in




  • It supports decode to TV wall, PTZ control, record playback. It also support platform mode and speed dome mode, user can choose according to actual needs.
  • Support configuration by WEB server
  • Support seamless integration with NVMS-5000
  • Support speed dome mode and platform mode, up to 256 speed domes workable under speed dome mode.
  • Support multi-language like Chinese, English, Polish, Spanish, Hungarian, Italian, ect.
  • Support to control the playback of decoder
  • Support Macro recording
  • Support display of decoded video on monitor or video wall
  • Support control of large screen splicing, opening window and roaming