Vesda VSP-1003


VESDA-E VEA 6mm to 6mm Right Angle Joiner (pack of 10)

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Brand: Vesda Part #: 46052 Category: Manufacturer Part #: VSP-1003


VESDA-E VEA microbore tubes are custom made, high quality plenum rated flame retardant polyethylene tubes. They have superior stress crack resistance for reliable long-term performance. They are lightweight and flexible for easy handling and installation and marked with a white ink numbering system over the full length of the tubing. The numbering system includes individual unique identification of each tube and distance marking at regular intervals making them very efficient to install and keep clean installation records.

These tubes come in black colour with red stripes for use in smoke detection and meet requirements of global installation codes. These tubes have no active components and they eliminate the need for any electrical wiring for smoke detection resulting in fast and easy installation without the need to follow electrical codes.

It is important to use VESDA-E VEA microbore tubes with the VESDA-E VEA detectors to maintain their smoke detection performance. These tubes come in two different diameters, 6mm and 4mm. For more information on tube usage, refer to VESDA-E VEA Product Guides (documents: 27034 and 27035) and VEA Microbore Tube Length Calculator (document: 29262).

VEA microbore tube fittings comprise of straight unions and other types of joiners and 6mm to 4mm adaptors for easy installations, blanking plugs are used to block the unused ports on VEA.


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VESDA-E Product Brochure
VESDA-E VEA Microbore Tubes and Fittings Data Sheet
VESDA-E VEA Sampling Point Data Sheet

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