Vesda VSP-620-03

Tamper Proof Sampling Point, 10 mm capillary

    Brand: Vesda Part #: 46508 Categories: , , Manufacturer Part #: VSP-620-03


    Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) provides the assurance of active sampling and flow monitoring of a protected environment.

    A tamper-proof and flush-mount sampling point provides an inconspicuous sampling solution for a myriad of applications that require discrete sampling.

    The Xtralis Tamper Proof Sampling Points (TPSP) provide an elegant addition to modern decor and can both minimize the risk of vandalism and tolerate abuse. They also provide serviceability for dirty and hazardous environments and areas prone to tampering.


    Weight 1.00 lbs



    • Quality robust construction
    • Hidden detection – concealed
    • Tamper proof design
    • New and retrofit friendly
    • Convenient testing and maintenance location via a centrally and remotely mounted detector
    • Standard pipe and capillary tube interfaces
    • Metric and imperial


    VESDA Product Line Brochure
    Xtralis Tamper-proof Sampling Point Data Sheet