Vesda VSP-725

VESDA PSU Filter for Rail Applications

    Brand: Vesda Part #: 45916 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: VSP-725


    Given the demanding nature of the electromagnetic environment of rail applications, electromagnetic interferences (EMI) are likely to occur, making electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) a critical target.

    Electromagnetic compatibility covers a wide range of aspects, including inductive noise within communication lines, impulse noise from lightning and traction transients, generation of hazardous voltages, and the appearance of stray currents. The interaction between power-electric controlled rail traction drives, power systems and track signalling systems is an important consideration.

    The EN 50121 Standard provides guidance for managing EMC for rail applications and specifies the limits for the Electromagnetic emissions of Railways and defines the immunity for equipment operated within these environments. In this context, the VSP-725 PSU filter provides enhanced immunity to the VESDA VLF-250 and VLF-500 detectors for Rail applications.


    Weight 1.00 lbs



    • Out-of-the-box installation and commissioning.
    • Suitable for VESDA VLF-250 and VLF-500 detectors in Rail Applications.
    • Improved resistance to electromagnetic disturbances.
    • Easy installation on VLF-250 and VLF-500 terminal blocks.


    Xtralis Safety Solutions Product Catalogue
    VESDA PSU Filter Data Sheet

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