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Analog Addressable Releasing Module

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The GSA-REL is an analog addressable module that communicates directly with the fire alarm panel Signature loop controller. The GSA-REL controls sprinkler, pre-action and deluge systems, and may also be used to release extinguishing agents such as CO2, Halon, or foam. The module is easily configured in the field and offers a wide range of options that ensure dependable service, while preventing the unnecessary release of extinguishing agent. In addition to being an intelligent network component, the GSA-REL interfaces with a number of conventional devices. These provide manual actuation of abort, release, and service disconnect functions. Together with the GSA-REL, they comprise a complete fire suppression package. There is no need for a separate releasing panel because the GSA-REL takes full advantage of the existing control panel communications infrastructure. This ensures low-cost installations with all the benefits of Signature Series analog initiation and control.


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Releasing Module GSA-REL
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