Wheelock LFHNKW3-N


Horn, White, 2W, Wall Mount, 24V, No Lettering

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Brand: Wheelock
Status: Obsolete
SKU: 81397
Manufacturer Part #: LFHNKW3-N
Replacement: ELFHNW-N


Eaton has developed the Wheelock Exceder LED3 Low Frequency Sounder Strobes (LFHSK3/LFHSH3) and Sounders (LFHNK3) to meet the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) low frequency sounder requirements for sleeping rooms – NFPA 72 for fire alarm and NFPA 720 for Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm. In a single device, the Exceder LED Low Frequency Sounders can provide alarm signals for dual applications – T3 (Fire) and T4 (CO) tones. Eaton offers low frequency sounder strobe models for both low and high candela settings, ideal for retrofits and new construction.

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Exceder LED3 Low Frequency Sounder Strobes and Sounders


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