Advanced AX-CTL-1

1-Loop Panel

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Brand: Advanced Part #: 45288 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: AX-CTL-1


Available in two (2) configurations, AX-CTL-1 (small/compact enclosure) or AX-CTL-1L (standard AxisAX Series sized enclosure), the AX-CTL-1 (1L) Intelligent Single Loop Fire Alarm Control Panel is a member of the industry leading AxisAX Series Intelligent Fre Alarm Control Panels by Advanced. The AX-CTL-1 (1L) contains the identical features as the Advanced AX-CTL-2 (2 loop) and AX-CTL-4 (4 loop) Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panels, and is ideally suited to smaller applications. However, as a member of the AxisAX Series product line the AX-CTL-1 (1L) can easily be utilized in larger applications due to its integral peer-to-peer networking capabilities.

Designed with installation and service engineers in mind, the AX-CTL-1 (1L) intelligent panel is modularly packaged, using surface mount and dual flash microprocessor technology, with onboard real time clocks for ease of installation, troubleshooting, programming and maintenance.

Unique Features:

  • 126 Analog Addressable Points
  • Advanced User Interface with Graphical LCD
  • “Dynamix” I/O Relationship Programming
  • Multi-Pattern & Two-Stage NAC Control
  • Remote Diagnostic Virtual Panel Simulator
  • AD-NeT-PluS Peer-to-Peer Networking


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Product Notes

Replacement: AX-CTL-1C or AX-CTL-1L


  • Automatic Drift Compensation per Detector
  • Automatic Detector Testing w/Maintenance Alert
  • Alarm Verification and PAS
  • Style 4, 6 & 7 SLC Operation (supports loop powered technology)
  • Class A or B NAC Circuits
  • Voltage Regulated NACs (compatible with most Listed NAC devices)
  • Synchronization of Audibles and Visuals (Panel or Network Wide)
  • “Auto-Learn/Loop Detection” Programming
  • Built-in Intelligent Multi-Meter
  • Optional ipGateway for text and email status notification
  • Optional Integral or Portable Printer
  • SLC Circuit Compatibility with Xtralis VLC-400

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