Edwards MN-PASM2


Preamp audio supervision module

Note: Provides Form C dry contact for audio or module failure

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The versatile EDWARDS MN-PASM2 module provides the means to supervise preamp (line level) audio signals. The easy to install module is locally powered from 24 VDC and provides a 1 Amp Form C relay contact output that transfers upon loss of the monitored audio signal.

Relay contact transfer times can be programmed for 10, 30 or 60 seconds of loss of audio. The relay restores immediately upon restoration of the signal. It also transfers immediately upon loss of power to the module.

MN-PASM2 audio sensitivity is adjustable with a highly sensitive on-board potentiometer. This can be adjusted in order to calibrate the audio supervision level to the specific system.

The MN-PASM2 has two on-board LED indicators. The first is a Power LED. This provides local visual indication that the module has 24 VDC power. The second LED follows the relay. If the module is configured correctly and the audio stream is present, this LED is illuminated. Both LEDs are visible from the front of the module even if the module cover plate is installed.

The MN-PASM2 comes with replacement terminal strips that allow complete supervision of the signal through the 3-ASU Series audio source unit modules.

The MN-PASM2 can be mounted to a standard electrical box or inside cabinets to EDWARDS mounting brackets.


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  • Small form-factor
  • Field adjustable
  • Easy to configure
  • Easy to install
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Low power consumption
  • Fail-safe operation

Preamp Supervision Module; MN-PASM2

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