Siemens DB2-HR


DB Series Relay Base

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The detector bases are low-profile, surface mounting bases used on various Siemens ─ Fire Safety conventional and addressable detectors.

Model DB2-HR, which is a redesign of Model DB-HR, is compatible with the standard, addressable type of intelligent detectors, as well as those detection devices that operate with ASAtechnology™.

Additionally, Model DB2-HR is backward compatible with the Siemens Model ‘H’-series intelligent detectors and detector-assigned FACPs. Model DB2-HR can also operate with Siemens’ 252-point addressable, 504-point addressable and FireFinder® XLS fire systems. A relay output from the fire detector base for signaling other devices is provided by Model DB2-HR.

The detector bases use screw-clamp contacts for electrical connections and self-wiping contacts for better reliability. Further, the bases can be used with the optional Model LK-11 detector locking kit, which contains 50 detector locks and an installation tool, to prevent unauthorized removal of the detector head.

Datasheet: DB2-HR

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