Simplex 4603-9101


Remote LCD Annunciator with Beige Trim

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Brand: Simplex Part #: 42336 Categories: , , Manufacturer Part #: 4603-9101


Remote Control and Annunciation is provided using an 80 character, back-lit, alphanumeric display. Information is presented in clear, descriptive English language and includes: Point Status (alarm, trouble, etc.); Alarm Type (smoke detector, manual station, etc.); Number of System Alarms, Supervisory Conditions, and Trouble Conditions; and a Custom Location Label.

Wiring. A single twisted wire pair provides serial RUI communications that also supports other Simplex serial annunciators on the same wire pair.

Multiple Indications. Alarm, Supervisory, and Trouble conditions are also indicated by dedicated LEDs and a tone-alert audible sounder. Each condition has a dedicated acknowledge push-button switch that silences the tone-alert but leaves the LED on until all conditions in that category are restored to normal. Switch operation is either globally or individually acknowledgeable, determined by the control panel operation.

Repeated operation of the appropriate acknowledge switch will scroll the LCD display showing activity in the sequence of occurrence. The tone-alert also pulses to indicate the operation of any of the push-button switches.

Consult local code requirements for guidance in determining applications and location of the 4603-9101 LCD annunciator.


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4603-9101 LCD Annunciator
Simplex – Data Sheet
4603-9101 LCD Annunciator
Simplex – Installation Sheet

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