Vigilant MG4RF-S7


Speaker-Strobe, Red, “FIRE” Marking, 70V

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Brand: Vigilant Part #: 10636 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: MG4RF-S7


The Genesis line of life safety and mass notification/emergency communications (ECS/MNS) signals are the smallest, most compact audible-visible emergency signaling devices in the world. Protruding no more than one inch from the wall, Genesis speakers and speaker-strobes blend with any decor. Life safety appliances feature textured housings in architecturally neutral white or traditional life safety red. ECS/MNS appliances offer emergency signaling with clear or amber lenses, white housings, and optional ALERT housing labels. They are ideal for applications that require differentiation between life safety and mass notification signals. Thanks to patented breakthrough technology, Genesis strobes do not require bulky specular reflectors. Instead, an exclusive design channels and conditions light to produce a highly controllable distribution pattern. Speaker-strobes feature selectable candela output with a conveniently-located switch on the bottom of the device. The candela setting remains clearly visible even after final installation. All Genesis speakers include a DC blocking capacitor to allow electrical supervision of the audio distribution circuit. The speaker with its sealed back construction provides extra durability and improved audibility.


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