6 Services you need to know about NOW to keep your buildings safe

6 Services you need to know about NOW to keep your buildings safe

We’re at your service. But really – FireAlarm.com provides an abundance of services at your disposal! If you haven’t had the chance to use these, much less at least LOOK at the webpage, you’re in luck: today we’re going in depth on our services. Now, we have made an entire PLAYLIST of videos introducing and explaining each service on YouTube (see Our Services under playlists on our Channel) which we highly recommend. Not to take away from ourselves, but it is a very good start to understanding which service you need and why. Receive a free quote for any one of our Services right here.

We currently offer six different services divided into two different categories: Consulting and Professional Services and Fire Alarm System Services. If that’s all the information you need, then go ahead and get a quote by clicking on the Services tab in our menu bar and selecting the service you need. If not, continue reading, I have so much more to share with you.

To make it easy, I’ve divided this blog by service, so you can read all at your leisure or skip to the service you think is the best fit for you. (If it were up to us—we would read it all).

Fire Alarm System Services: Smoke Detector MATCH! Services

 For those not wanting to waste time and money updating their system.

Availability: United States

Let’s start with our most revolutionary service, and I’m not exaggerating. This is BY FAR my favorite service for one simple reason. I’ve NEVER seen this, but it seems so obvious. Large commercial buildings, campuses, industrial sites, and so forth have extensive fire alarm systems that require vigorous maintenance to stay up to code. While it’s easily to change a smoke detector in a home or small building, when you have 30 detectors on site, it gets much more complicated. If these all need maintenance simultaneously, it gets even MORE complicated. How long is this going to take? How expensive will this be>? How can I stay in compliance during this time? Can I afford keep my business closed? We have found a solution.

The MATCH! Service resolves these concerns by saving you a TON of time and money. It works like this: if you have a few dozen smoke detectors that all require maintenance, we can take these and swap them out with a matching device that is either brand-new or previously cleaned, programmed and tested. That’s pretty cool, and it’s estimated that you can save up to 70% of the price of regular maintenance on your building’s system!

Fire Alarm System Services: Fire Alarm System Pre-Maintenance Inspection Services

For those looking to stay on top of their system maintenance.

Availability: United States

Don’t underestimate the power of pre-inspection! We can have your system completely trouble-free by inspecting, testing, and evaluating the condition of your system AND identifying any system faults. We send knowledgeable and certified technicians to your area to document findings in a System Status Report and outline recommended repairs and corrections.




Fire Alarm System Services: Semmiannual Maintenance, testing & Inspection Services

For those who have a system up-to-code, but must go through mandated semiannual inspection.

Availability: United States

This brings us to our next service. Even code-compliant systems require semi-annual maintenance, according to the NFPA-72. This must be performed by a certified fire alarm system technician, which, as we mentioned above, we can send right to you. We already like you so much, we’ll send two.

What will they do? Will they perform all the right inspections?? You may ask. Well, here is a list of everything we require our technicians to inspect:

  • All initiating devices such as Manual Pull-Stations, Sprinkler Devices
  • All Smoke, Duct and Combo Detectors (cleaning & documenting)
  • All Visual Warning & Notification Appliances such as Horns, Strobes, Gongs, Bells and Remote Indicating Lamps
  • Central Station Connection
  • Standby, or back-up batteries
  • Fan, Purge & Damper Relays
  • Elevator Recall Relays
  • Amplifiers
  • Power Supplies
  • Remote Annunciators
  • Two-Way Voice Communication
  • Lamp & LEDs
  • Selector Switches
  • Microprocessors & Sub-System Interfaces
  • Input/Output Modules
  • Printers & CRT Video Displays

As always, we will provide you with a full, comprehensive report.

Consulting & Professional Services: Fire Safety Director Services

For those looking to continue and keep up to code by investing time to learn the role of a Fire Safety Director.

Availability: United States

Those of you that own or work within a commercial high-rise building, campus or industrial site know that fire codes require Fire Safety Directors or a Responsible Owner/Representative to properly handle all fire safety system related activity, as well as ensure that all fire safety regulations are in compliance and implement these regulations with site-specific safety plan.

When I put it like that it sounds intimidating. Where do you start? What training is needed? How do you know you’re up to code? What if you forget something?? That is why we’ve created a Fire Safety Director Service to ensure that your building/campus is on the right track and provide you with the training and tools you need to continue staying up to code for years to come. We will train and assist your personnel as well as aid in site emergencies if need be. It sounds like a big job, but with our group and one-on-one training by our certified Technical Engineers, as well as our emergency assistance, we can get you on the right track and leave you confident in your building’s safety.

Consulting & Professional Services: Fire Alarm System Documentation Retrieval, Evaluation & Review Services

For those having difficulty finding, tracking, or getting the proper required documentation for inspection.

Availability: United States

If you are anything like my home office, I sympathize with you. You KNOW it’s all there, but you’re not exactly sure where. Or, you know you need to do something, but you’re a bit overwhelmed. No worries here! We have the experience to prevent those violations and fines. What we offer is literally right in the title: Fire Alarm System Documentation Retrieval, Evaluation, and Services. We can take away all the confusion and uneasiness—just let our team of experts settle your nerves by tracking down and getting copies of your documents, like your Fire Department Letter of Approval, Letter of Defect, Applicable Summons, Department of Buildings Certificate of Occupancy, and so on. AND we will analyze your documentation to make sure you have everything you need or get you the forms and documentation you don’t have. Even though I don’t own a/work in a commercial or high-rise building, I especially like the concept of this service—We completely reorganize a mess of confusing files and get you back on track. I could use that for a few other things as well!

Consulting & Professional Services: Fire Alarm System Violation Resolution Services

 For those not in compliance with the NYC Fire Code and need help!

Availability: United States

We’ve all been in a pickle at one point or another. It’s okay, as I’ve said before, we don’t judge. This service is for those in violation, afraid of becoming in violation, and those who have received any of the following:

  • Notice of Violation
  • Violation Order
  • Letter of Defect
  • Summons
  • Vacate Order

Much like retrieving documentation, resolving these issues are extremely complicated, time consuming, and especially costly. It’s just one more thing that you need to stress about. We thought about you when designing this service: where you flourish, what you need, and keeping in mind that we’re all only human. That is why our Violation Resolution Service offers you a break (we all need on from time to time). Let us go through the FDNY Violation Removal Process to provide you with a stress-free experience while keeping cost and time in mind. Once resolved, we even issue a Certification of Correction, as well as provide all of the information to show the violation has been corrected (think bills, invoices, photos) to the FDNY for their review and approval. (we’re going to do an entire separate blog on how to avoid being issued a violation, so stay tuned).

From pre-maintenance inspection to violation resolution—and all the steps in between—FireAlarm.com provides you with an entire list of services for every step of the process. I will go more into depth as to each service and concerns that you may have about staying up to code. Email us at [email protected] if you have a question regarding services that we can address directly or [email protected]if you would like us to write about something more specific in an upcoming blog post—or any topic you’d like to see discussed. See you next week!

-Fire Alarm.com Social Media Editor

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