Fire Safety Director Services

Fire Codes require Fire Safety Directors (FSD) or a Responsible Owner/Representative for any commercial high-rise building, campus or industrial site.

The primary and main duties of an FSD is to (a) Ensure that the Fire Department has been notified of any fire situations or fire alarm activations (b) Manning of the Fire Command Station (c) Direction of evacuation procedures in the Fire Safety Plan. Secondary duties include ensuring that all fire safety regulations are in compliance, and to implement and update a site-specific fire safety plan. can help you fulfill this role. By providing group training to your personnel, one-on-one training, or emergency assistance, can give you all of the necessary tools, information, and specifics to be able to fulfill the required position of Fire Safety Director.

If you need emergency Fire Drills, Fire Watch or Fire Safety Plans to be instituted, you can count on, 24/7. Your personnel will be trained/assisted by our certified and knowledgeable team of Technical Engineers who also hold the required Certificates of Fitness (COF). can also fill these roles temporarily at your site in case of an emergency on a case-by-case basis.

All of our other services - pre-maintenance inspection, system maintenance, and document retrieval can be covered and worked into our FSD service depending on your needs and the status of your fire alarm system. No matter what, is here for you!


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