Offering: Camera Surveillance System with Central Station

Hot-Spots Covered By Surveillance:

In any home, business or facility, keeping a digital record of what transpires inside and outside your entrances, exits, and mission critical areas is a necessity.’s all-in-one camera surveillance system gives you just that and then some.

What Provides:

Giving You The Best Home Security:

24/7/365 Protection: Your system will be connected and integrated throughout your home and be working to keep you safe constantly.

Fire Alarm System Integration: Integrate your fire alarm system with our camera surveillance system for the most complete defense for your home.

Central Station Monitoring: In emergencies, our Central Station partners will send you service alerts, and contact your local police, fire department, or EMS in the case of an emergency.

It’s All In The App:’s first-in-its-class smartphone application gives you total control of your system, with real-time updates, and total control of your system, even when you aren’t home.

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