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We are able to provide complete, turnkey solutions for all types of fire and life safety systems, from design and engineering to installation, programming, turn-up and testing.​’s Complete Parts & Smarts solutions ensures that you’re getting the best prices for every piece of equipment and every bit of programming required for your job! Most big-name manufacturers want you to buy their newest systems, but all for additional costs and fees, as they keep you locked into yearly contracts. is here to do away with all of that, and give you the freedom that you need, while also giving you the best price - period - whether you choose to rent, lease, install, or upgrade your fire & life safety system.’s Parts & Smarts knowledge is vast, as we have expert-technicians and engineers on-staff familiar with every big-name manufacturer’s system, both new and old. Let us do the dirty work, and furnish your next installation or upgrade’s equipment, install, design, engineering, programming, testing, and filing!

Parts is able to source Brand New, Authentic, & Genuine parts from every single big-name manufacturer in the world. Not only that, but we are also experts in sourcing old fire alarm system parts that are no longer manufactured by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), no longer supported by them, Last Call or Legacy Parts! No matter what part you may need, has a source, or a replacement, all for the best price.

Smarts is able to provide complete and final programming for your brand new, or obsolete fire alarm system. Whether it is Edwards/EST, Notifier, Simplex, or Siemens, has the wherewithal and reach in order to provide you with complete solutions, no matter where you are located.’s technical integration of all parts & smarts means you won’t have any headaches dealing with the big-name manufacturers and will have options given to you to suit your needs, no matter what.


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