Offering: Fire Alarm System Installation

Using our vast network of contractors, electricians, and engineers, can provide you with a brand-new fire alarm system installation for your building, campus or facility.

We are offering a basic system with the following components:

Today, is also offering you Leasing Options for your system, with the ability to provide monthly payments for 36 months! Our package includes includes Central Station Monitoring Connection for three years. No one in the current market can provide you with that!'s partners can also integrate your camera surveillance security system into your fire alarm system in order to make your life easier and keep you in-the-know with all things regarding your fire alarm system.

**Included in this pricing is also one free, Semi-Annual Preventative Maintenance, including all inspection, testing and documenting logbooks, for your new system.

Take a look at’s comprehensive system installation and be on the lookout for numerous add-ons that continue to make your system, life, and facilities that much safer.

Call us now at (888) 497-0290 and speak to one of our engineers and sales representatives for a list of options.

No matter what step of the new fire alarm system installation process we are in, will hold your hand all the way through no matter what. is committed to providing you with an open-source system so that you aren’t locked into any one brand for years to come. We provide complete design build services for fire alarm systems, constructed directly by our network of expert engineers, who focus on electrical construction, specializing in building fire and life safety systems. Depending on your situation, a Field Survey is performed in order to generate a comprehensive assessment that meets the Federal, State, and Local given jurisdiction requirements and then surpasses them.

For example, take a look at this step-by-step process that outlines each step in installing a brand-new fire alarm system: would also like to invite you to have the opportunity to introduce us to your preferred electrician or electrical contractor in order to work with us to install your system.

We will work with your electrician or electrical contractor and train them in order to install your brand-new fire alarm system. All of the soft-costs and approvals, including drawings, diagrams, riser diagrams, filings, etc, and installation labor will be worked out with you ahead of time Please note that will require a 10% management fee to ensure your installation will be successful and that your system will be approved. Based on your invitation, and our subsequent approval, your electrician or electrical contractor will work with us efficiently, completely, and effortlessly.


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