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Nozzle 1/2 BSP SST WMS K6

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The K6 nozzle is an open head, total flooding, low pressure water mist nozzle used in the Fike  DuraQuench water mist system for  protection of machinery spaces, special hazard machinery spaces, combustion turbines and insulated combustion turbines with volumes up to 162,800 ft3  (4,610 m3).

The K6 nozzle can be supplied in different materials and with different thread types to meet project requirements. Typical applications where the K6 nozzle is used include enclosures with  machinery such as internal combustion engines (excluding engine test cells), oil pumps, oil tanks, fuel filters, generators, transformer  vaults,  gear  boxes,  drive  shafts,  lubrication  skids,  diesel engine drive generators, exposed combustion turbine, insulated  combustion  turbine  and other similar  equipment using liquid hydrocarbon fuel and/or hydraulic, heat transfer, and lubrication fluids  with volatility less than or equal  to  heptane; enclosures with incidental use or storage of hydrocarbon ignitable liquids (also known as flammable liquids) of not more than two 55 gal 208 L) drums.

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DuraQuench™ K6 NOZZLE


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