Fike 24-135


Fire-Phone Addressable Module, System Sensor

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Brand: Fike
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Manufacturer Part #: 24-135
Secondary Part #: M500FP


M500FP Firephone Control Modules are intended for use in intelligent, twowire systems, where the individual address of each module is selected using the built-in rotary switches. This module is used to connect a remote firefighter telephone to a centralized telephone console. A ringing sound is provided at each off-hook handset until it is connected to the console. Wiring to individual telephone jacks and handsets is supervised, and status is reported to the panel as NORMAL, TROUBLE, or TELEPHONE. The M500FP has two pairs of output termination points available for fault-tolerant wiring, and includes a panel-controlled LED indicator

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4.50 × 4.27 × 1.40 in

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M500FP Firephone Control Module


System Sensor - Installation Instructions