Fike 73-001


70 Gallon (267 liter) Micromist System with Pressure Gauge and NEMA 1 & 2 Low Pressure Switch

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The Fike Micromist system package is offered in 70 and 112 gallon (267 and 423 liter) configurations. The 70 gallon system consists primarily of one nitrogen cylinder and a water storage container. The 112 gallon system has two nitrogen cylinders and one water storage container.

The nitrogen cylinders are charged to 1850 psi (128 bar)and fitted with a forged brass valve that is actuated with a solenoid valve. The solenoid valve is fitted with a pressure gauge (or optional switch) so the pressure inside the cylinder can be monitored. When nitrogen cylinders are actuated, the resulting air flows through a pressure regulating valve that is set at 320 psi (22 bar). This regulator is equipped with inlet and outlet gauges as required by NFPA 750.

The water storage container is not under pressure until the system is actuated. The water container utilizes a 3/4” (20mm) brass valve to control the flow of water to the system nozzles. The water container has a drain/fill valve and a vent valve to drain the water when necessary. A safety disc is also fitted on the water container which ruptures if the pressure inside reaches a pressure greater than 500 psi (34 bar).

The Micromist suppression system comes pre-packaged on a skid produced from 3/8” (9.5mm) thick steel plate. The water cylinder is bolted to the skid and the nitrogen cylinder(s) are mounted to the water cylinder with straps. The skid is designed so it can be easily transported with a fork lift.

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