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Wireless Relay Module

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The SWIFT® wireless monitor module is intended for use with a wireless gateway to interface with a device having contacts used to signal status conditions. It is designed to provide an interface to contact devices such as security contacts, waterflow switches, or pull stations. The input to the monitor module is non-latching and does not require a reset. The device has a panel controlled LED indicator. The monitor module must be within 3-feet of the monitored device when using field wiring or 20 feet in non-metallic conduit. The SWIFT wireless relay module allows the control panel to switch contacts by code command. The relay contains an isolated set of FormC contacts, which operate as a SPDT switch. Circuit connections to the relay are not supervised by the module. The SWIFT relay module can be used to activate functions such as a remote power supply (in conjunction with a monitor module), elevator recall, door holders and fan shutdown of wired devices or SWIFT devices within the same mesh network. The module also includes a panel-controlled LED indicator.








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FW-MM(A) & FW-RM(A) SWIFT Wireless Modules


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