Simplex 59AV-WRF


LED Addressable Horn Strobe, Red

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Addressable A/Vs are individually addressed audible/visible notification appliances that receive power, supervision, and control signals from a Simplex fire alarm control unit providing IDNAC Signaling Line Circuits

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Dimensions 5.25 × 3.50 × 1.50 in

Johnson Controls




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EA (Each)

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  • Multi-candela LED strobe available in low (15, 30 and 75 cd) and high (110 , 135 and 185 cd) range candela models
  • Small compact design and low current draw due to energy efficient strobe LEDs
  • Advanced addressable notification controlled by IDNAC SLCs providing regulated 29 VDC allow strobes to operate with lower current even under battery backup
  • Strobe intensity can be programmed from the control unit or the device
  • Wiring supervision to each appliance allows “T-tapped” connections for Class B circuits to simplify wiring (Class A circuits require in/out wiring)
  • Self-Test Mode allows on-board sensors to detect the strobe and horn output and then report their status to the control unit
  • TrueAlert Device Reports at the control unit detail appliance point ID, custom label, type, and candela setting
  • Magnet test diagnostics assist checkout and testing of appliances and wiring
  • Compatibility with ADA requirements
  • Strobe operation is listed to UL Standard 1971 and ULC Standard S526; Horn operation is listed to UL Standard 464 and ULC Standard S525
  • Synchronized LED strobe and piezo operation on the same IDNAC channel