Advanced AX-AV-ZS-09


Audio Zone Splitter Module

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The AV-ZS audio zone splitter module is an optional module for use with the Advanced AV-AMP-80 audio amplifier. The module is designed to take one or both AVAMP-80 audio notification appliance circuits and split them into additional audio notification appliance circuits. Each audio notification appliance circuit of the AV-ZS is capable of supporting 20 Watts and can be wired Class A or B. If splitting both audio notification appliance circuits of the AVAMP-80 amplifier, each circuit will be split into two audio notification appliance circuits. If splitting only one audio notification appliance circuit of the AV-AMP-80 amplifier, the circuit will be split into four audio notification appliance circuits. The AV-ZS audio zone splitter module mounts above the associated AV-AMP-80 audio amplifier.

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  • Supervised Circuits for Opens, Shorts and Ground Faults
  • Individual Audio Notifi cation Appliance Circuit Activation
  • Dedicated All Audio NAC Circuit Activation
  • Fail-Safe Trouble Relay Contact
  • Individual Open / Short Circuit Status LEDs
  • Optional AV-ZS-CM Switch Module for AV-VBM Usage


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Audio Zone Splitter Module


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