Advanced UL-LCDW22

Wide Screen LCD, 22”, 1680 x 1050 WSXGA

Condition: New
Brand: Advanced
Status: Obsolete
SKU: 13356
Manufacturer Part #: UL-LCDW22
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The Advanced UL-LCDW19 and UL-LCDW22 wide screen LCD displays are UL864/ULC-S527 Listed, high resolution displays that are fully compatible with the Advanced ULPC-RACK PC. The UL-LCDW19 and UL-LCDW22 are small, light, compact units that can be ordered with or without a touch screen option and may be supplied in rack mount configurations.

The ULPC-RACK PC is ideal for applications requiring PC based fi re graphics annunciation and control, and is ideally suited for proprietary applications. The PCs come pre-loaded from the factory with the Advanced Ad-VIEW graphics package. Customization of graphic images and system wide controls is made simple with the Ad-VIEW package. Interface to an Axis AX Series Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel and/or network, is through an AX-BMS module, which interfaces to the Axis AX Series Ad-Net-Plus fire network. All nodes on the network (up to 200) communicate status and system event information back through the AX-BMS module to the PC. All communications circuitry is fault tolerant.

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