Alarm Controls PBM-1-1-L2-GR

Emergency Station Push Button, Momentary, One N/O Pair & N/C Pair, Stainless Steel, 12 VDC, Illumination, Guard Ring

Condition: New
Brand: Alarm Controls
Status: Active
SKU: 23158
Manufacturer Part #: PBM-1-1-L2-GR


Single gang panic station with momentary push button switch that remains active as long as it’s depressed. Choice of contact configurations ensures compatibility with most systems.

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Weight 0.4 lbs

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  • Single gang stainless steel wall plate, weather resistant to IP65 standards
  • 1-1/2″ red mushroom button
  • Plate screened “EMERGENCY PUSH FOR HELP” to quickly call for assistance
  • Momentary action switch


PBM Series; Momentary Panic Stations
Alarm Controls – Data Sheet


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