Alarm Controls TS-11

Vandal Resistant 3/4″ Brass Nickel Pushbutton, PUSH TO EXIT, Narrow, Red & Green LEDs

Condition: New
Brand: Alarm Controls
Status: Active
SKU: 24430
Manufacturer Part #: TS-11


The single gang TS-10 and narrow stile TS-11 request to exit stations, with vandal resistant push button and LED status indicators, provide an effective means of locking an exit door while still providing egress during an emergency. Red and green LEDs offer an at-a-glance visual indication of system status. Vandal resistant push buttons are designed for indoor, outdoor, commercial and industrial applications. Both models are available with timer relay for applications that require door to remain unlocked for a specified time.

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  • TS-10 switch mounted on single gang wall plate with 430 stainless steel finish
  • TS-11 switch mounted on narrow 1-3/4″ wall plate with 302 stainless steel finish
  • Vandal resistant 3/4″ push button
  • Plate is screened “PUSH TO EXIT” for easy to follow access instructions
  • Red and green LED status indicators
  • Momentary action switch


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