Det-Tronics X5200A4N14W2 (008520-001)


X5200 UVIR Flame Detector, Aluminum, 3/4 NPT Thread, EQP Output, Div/Zone d

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Condition: New
Brand: Det-Tronics
Status: Active
SKU: 102092
Manufacturer Part #: X5200A4N14W2
Secondary Part #: 008520-001


X5200 UVIR Flame Detector meets the most stringent requirements worldwide with advanced ultra-high speed detection capabilities and immunity to extraneous sources, combined with a superior mechanical design. The combination of Arc Rejection on the UV sensor and TDSA/Quick Fire on the IR sensor make this detector the highest false alarm immune UVIR available. The mounting arrangement allows the UV and IR sensors to monitor the same hazardous location with a 90-degree field of view. When both sensors simultaneously detect the presence of a flame, an alarm signal is generated.

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Weight 7 lbs

Detector Electronics Corportation




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EA (Each)

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  • Eagle Quantum Premier and Eagle Quantum compatible models available
  • Models available with SIL 2 certification
  • Responds to a fire in the presence of modulated blackbody radiation (i.e., heaters, ovens, turbines) without false alarm
  • Ultra high-speed capability
  • Optional HART output, AMS aware, and FDT/DTM capable
  • Heated optics for increased resistance to moisture and ice
  • Automatic, manual, or magnetic oi (optical integrity)
  • FM, CSA, ATEX, and IECEx
  • EN 54 part 10 certified by BRE, LPCB
  • Meets Construction Product Directive
  • Configurable auxiliary relay allows independent alarm signaling
  • Terminal block allows for Class X Pathway Designation per NFPA 72
  • EMI, RFI, EMC Directive Compliant
  • Built-in data logging / event monitoring
  • Models available with integral Explosion-proof camera option (xWatch)
  • Tricolor LED on detector faceplate indicates detector status condition

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