Fike 02-11894


Space Age ESB Backbox, 5 gang

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The Fike fourteen button remote display (RDU-14), P/N 10-2646, is a compact, cost-effective, 80 character, backlit LCD remote annunciator compatible with Fike’s intelligent control panels. The remote display mimics the system status information displayed on the host control panel and can be configured to display all system events, or it can be configured to show events for a single zone. Communication between the host control panel and the RDU is accomplished over a two-wire RS485 serial interface. The unit is equipped with five LEDs (Power, Alarm, Trouble, Supervisory, Silenced) that provide visual indication of the system status and six switches (Enter, Escape, +, -, left and right arrows) that provide event navigation and control functions to the operator. In addition, the unit is equipped with eight programmable switches that can be configured to perform common system functions (i.e., reset, silence, acknowledge, drill, process, walktest, IR tool, step alarm, step supervisory, step trouble, step all, fan restart and zone disable). The unit is also equipped with a key-switch that prevents unauthorized use of most of the control switches when in the locked position.

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