Fike F0292141-380-1S


DuraQuench Pro Pump Assy. 75 GPM 50HZ, 380 Voltage, Single Source w/Soft Start

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The DuraQuench pump skid is a pre-engineered fire pump system designed and built using FM approved components to meet the requirements of: NFPA 750, Standard on Water Mist Fire Protection Systems; NFPA 20, Standard for the Installation of Stationary Pumps for Fire Protection; and FM Datasheet 3-7, Fire Protection Pumps.
The pump skid includes an FM Approved, NFPA 20 electric fire pump controller, electric motor coupled to a centrifugal pump and all necessary piping, valves and fittings to comprise a complete, compact water mist pump unit with a small footprint. All components are factory assembled and securely mounted on a steel frame and are pre-wired and tested, leaving only skid mounting, power connections, monitoring connections and pipe connections to be completed on site.
The pump skid components, excluding the pump controller and motor/pump assembly are primed and then finished with a 2 part, red epoxy paint.
The DuraQuench pump skid can be ordered with different pump controller and pump combinations. When ordering the pump skid, it is extremely important to verify the voltage and frequency (50/60 Hz) of the power feed supplying the pump skid before selecting the appropriate pump skid part number. The voltage and frequency of the pump controller and the pump selected must be compatible with the available power supply

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