Fike RFW-002


Robotic Fire Watch System, two IR3‐HD flame detectors, Video Analytics

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The Robotic Fire Watch System is a rapidly deployable, portable, independent fire detection system that monitors flammable, explosive, and high‐value hazards in fire‐susceptible and post “hot work” areas. “Hot work” includes drilling, cutting, grinding, welding, soldering, burning, melting of flammable substances, and other spark‐producing activities. The unit provides essential job‐site monitoring with significant cost savings by reducing manpower requirements post “hot-work,” monitoring areas with disabled fire systems and high‐value or highly combustible fire hazards.
The system utilizes state‐of‐the‐art Fike IR3‐HD flame detectors with HD video output to provide reliable detection of all types of hydrocarbon fires. The detectors address both slow‐growing and fast‐eruption fires and can operate in all weather and light conditions with the highest immunity to false alarms. Sunlight, hot objects, welding, and “hot work” will not cause false alarms.
The video server housed in the system’s Main Control Unit (MCU) continuously records the IR3‐HD detector’s video output. The video can be replayed for fire investigation or transmitted to a central location for monitoring to provide live situational awareness before allowing personnel to enter the hazard area. The Fike Video Analytics software installed on the video server employs artificial intelligence‐created algorithms to analyze the detector video feed for smoke, visible vapor, steam, oil mist, reflected flame, and motion. Events detected by the software are automatically recorded and saved to enable post‐event replay and download.
When the Robotic Fire Watch System detects an event, an onboard horn‐strobe activates to provide a local area warning. The integral NFPA 72‐compliant alarm panel provides dry contact relays for faults and alarms that a fire alarm system can monitor to notify remote personnel and first responders immediately.
The system runs on AC power with a traditional battery backup for an indefinite period or in DC mode utilizing the battery only for use during a typical work shift. System runtime in DC mode can be extended with a higher capacity battery or by swapping to a fully charged battery, as required.

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