Fire-Lite MMF-302-6


6 class b/3 class a 2 wire detector interface mod

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Brand: Fire-Lite Part #: 30635 Category: Manufacturer Part #: MMF3026


The MMF-302-6 Six Zone Interface Module is intended for use in an intelligent alarm system. Each module provides an interface between the intelligent alarm system and a conventional alarm system loop. A common SLC input is used for all modules, and the initiating device loops share a common supervisory supply and ground. Otherwise, each monitor operates independently from the others. Each module has its own unique address. A pair of rotary code switches is used to set the address of the first module from 01 to 154. The remaining modules are automatically assigned to the next five higher addresses. Provisions are included for disabling a maximum of two unused modules to release the addresses to be used elsewhere. Each module also has panel controlled bicolor LED indicators. The panel can cause the LEDs to blink, latch on, or latch off.


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MMF-302-6 Six Zone Interface Module
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