Gamewell FCI MB-RLY-XP95

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Addressable Relay Base

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The Gamewell-FCI XP95 Series bases provide superior flexibility for the installation of the Gamewell-FCI, XP95 family of addressable detectors. Whether the project requires a 4.0″ (10.16 cm), relay or sounder base, the XP95 family has a base to meet building aesthetics, constraints, retrofit limitations or functional needs. The device address is held in the base, This feature ensures that the device address will not be changed no matter how often a detector is replaced, and verifies a consistent match between device type and the device address.

Each XP95 analog addressable head is compatible with a wide variety of XP95 bases, ranged from one-piece low-profile units to four-wire relay and sounder bases that can be controlled individually or as a group. The XP95 Series of detector bases is designed to enable sensors to be plugged-in with minimum force and to have a “one-way-only” fit. Relay and sounder bases can be addressed and controlled individually or controlled by a group in response to the sensor alarms.

Datasheet: MB-RLY-XP95

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in