Gamewell-FCI XP95-LIH


Analog XP95 Line Isolator

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The Gamewell-FCI analog addressable systems can be wired as Style 7 (Class A) closed-loop systems. These sytems can be interrogated from either end so that all the devices can remain in operation if an open circuit fault in the wiring occurs. A short-circuit fault can potentially disable the whole loop. By placing the Gamewell-FCI XP95-LI Line Isolator modules along the loop, only the small section between the isolators will be affected by the short-circuit fault.

The XP95-LI Line Isolator mounts directly to a unique base for ease of installation. The unique base will not accept any other XP95 products, eliminating the possibility that any other XP95 device could be installed in place of an Isolator.

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  • Compatible with the following Gamewell-FCI analog addressable fire alarm control panels 600 Series, LI95-E3 Series.
  • Protects the integrity of the initiating loop should a short-circuit fault occur
  • Monitors and controls up to 50 points per circuit
  • Mounts in its own unique base
  • Up to 50 circuit isolators can be supported on a single SLC
  • Offers a low-profile styling design
  • Signals an integral yellow LED


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