Hochiki ALN-EN

Photoelectric Smoke Sensor, Ivory

Condition: New
Brand: Hochiki
Status: Active
SKU: 113540
Manufacturer Part #: ALN-EN


Model ALN-EN is a Optical Smoke Sensor, which is fully compatible with Hochiki’s ESP Analogue Addressable Protocol. The ALN-EN incorporates Hochiki’s newest High Performance Chamber Technology removing the need to use Ionisation Smoke Sensors in the majority of applications. This also allows the sensor threshold level to be increased, thereby improving the signal to noise ratio and reducing susceptibility to false alarms. The ALN-EN smoke chamber is easily removed or replaced for cleaning and utilises a unique improved baffle design which allows smoke to enter the chamber whilst keeping out ambient light.

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  • Removable, high performance chamber
  • Twin LEDs allow 360 viewing – green when polling, turn red in fire
  • Locking mechanism (sensor to base)
  • Variable sensitivity
  • Electronically addressed
  • Pulsing/non-pulsing controlled from panel*
  • Approved by LPCB & VdS to classes A1 & A2
  • SIL Level 2 approved variant available

ALN-EN Optical Smoke Sensor


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