Mircom FR-320-R

Pre-Action/Deluge/Agent Releasing Control Unit c/w red door and Black Backbox

  • Factory New
Brand: Mircom FireAlarm.com Part #: 101076 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: FR-320-R


Mircom’s FR-320 is a dual releasing control unit that is field configurable for use on Deluge Sprinkler Systems, Pre-action Sprinkler Systems and Agent Release Systems. The FR-320 is equipped with six Class “B” (Style “B”) input circuits and four Class “B” (Style “Y”) output circuits rated @ 1.7 Amps maximum. (Total of 5 Amps) Optional Class A converter modules are available for both input and output circuits. In addition both internal and external relays are supported by the FR-320. The relays can be configured for both single and dual hazard applications. The FR-320 is field configurable for three releasing type functions; Deluge, Pre-Action Sprinklers and Agent Releasing. The mode of operation is easily configured by selecting one of 14 pre-configured modes of operation. The simple configuration process is done via the front panel using the CFG300 configuration tool thus eliminating the need for a laptop or complicated programming.


Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 26.00 × 14.50 × 4.20 in




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  • Listed to UL 864, 9th edition
  • Field configurable to operate with a Deluge Sprinkler System, a Pre-action Sprinkler System and an Agent Release System
  • Six Class B (Style B) Input Circuits
  • Input Circuits One to Four can be configured as Non-Verified Alarm, Non Latching Supervisory, Latching Supervisory or Agent Release/Water Flow depending on the Mode of Operation selected
  • Input Circuits Five & Six can be configured as Manual Release Input, Abort Input or Abort/Manual Release Combination Input depending on the Mode of Operation selected
  • Input Circuits can be converted to Class “A” (Style “D”) using the ICAC-306 Converter Module
  • Four Class “B” (Style “Y”) Output Circuits which can be configured for Silenceable Signal, Non Silenceable Signal, Silenceable Strobe, Non-Silenceable Strobe or Releasing Circuit (Circuits 3 & 4 Only)
  • Output Circuits can be converted to Class “A” (Style “Z”) using the OCAC-304 Converter Module
  • 5 Amp Power Supply
  • 4-wire smoke power 22.3 VDC @ 300ma max. Supervised Aux Power 22.3 VDC @ 500ma max.
  • Aux Power (Unregulated) 24 VDC @ 1.7 Amp max.
  • Relay contacts for Common Alarm (Non Disconnectable), Auxiliary Alarm (Disconnectable), Common Supervisory (can be converted to common alarm if no Supervisory input) and Common Trouble
  • Cross Zone option
  • Counting Zones option
  • Output signals can be configured for Steady (fixed) or Escalating (tone changes as input operation changes)
  • Release Timer 0 to 60 Seconds (5 second increments)
  • Manual Release Delay 0 to 30 Seconds (5 second increments)
  • Soak Timer 0 to 15 Minutes (21 Intervals)
  • Abort Release Timer (Standard UL Type Delay, IRL Type Delay, NYC Type Delay, Local Jurisdiction Delay)
  • Special Releasing Power Supply and Release Activation Considerations preventing false dumps
  • Configurable to perform two hazard areas
  • Simple panel programming through 14 Preconfigured Modes of Operations


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