Mircom MPD-65PK


Detector Photoelectric Smoke Low Profile 2-Wire

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Brand: Mircom
Status: Obsolete
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Manufacturer Part #: MPD-65PK
Replacement: 55000-227USA


The MIR-65 Series incorporate proven sensing technologies, together with advances in materials and electronics technology. Having a wide operating voltage of 9-33VDC, the MIR-65 Series detectors can be integrated into most Fire/Security systems. The MIR-65 Series wide voltage range family consists of photoelectric smoke, ionization smoke, and heat detectors. The photoelectric detector incorporates a pulsing infrared LED located in a chamber within the housing of the detector. The chamber is designed to exclude light from any external source. At an angle to the LED is a photodiode which normally does not register the column of light emitted by the LED. In the event of smoke from a fire entering the chamber, the light pulse from the LED will be refracted into and registered by the photo-diode. If the photo-diode “sees” smoke on the two following pulses (alarm confirmation), the detector changes into the alarm state. A highly visible external clear LED flashes red when the detector is in operational standby and changes to steady red in alarm state. The clear LED allows for easy floor level detector type identification.

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  • Wide operating voltage range
  • Advanced electronics technology
  • Flashing standby/steady alarm LED
  • Magnetic test switch
  • Low profile (1 5/8”H x 4” Dia.)
  • Can be used on security systems
  • Locking feature reduces tampering
  • Designed to meet approvals worldwide
  • Large range of bases available
  • Separate head/base design allows interchangeability and ease of installation
  • High RF, noise and insect immunity
  • Available in 2 and 4 Wire Kits


Conventional Smoke & Heat Detectors; MIR-65 Series
Mircom – Data Sheet


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